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Health Systems Made A Big Difference In The COVID Fight: Time To Reconsider Their Social Impact

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Policies Techies VCS: What’s Next For Healthcare; Musings from a Futurist


The Health Care Blog

Covid-19: The End of the Game


Hospitals and Health Networks

Consumerism and Disruption: Lessons from Florida Blue

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Médecins sans Hôpitaux (Doctors without Hospitals)


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Rochester Revisited

Social Determinants of Health: The ProMedica Story

Health System Strategic Plans: Ten Common Themes

California First

The Future of Employer-Sponsored Coverage

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Spotlight on Healthcare Costs


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Emergency Care

In Search of Simplicity

Population Health and Income Inequality

Innovation at Scale: Lessons from Providence

Health Care: Good Jobs at Good Wages

Coverage, Affordable Care and Health

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Trump State of the Union

The Trump Healthcare Interview: Part Two

The Trump Healthcare Interview


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The Power of States as Public Purchasers

Bundled Payment or Population Health?

The Default Future for Health Care

Improvement Fatigue

HealthCare Costs and Choices in the Last Years of Life

The American Health Care Consumer


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Urgent Care

The Innovation Imperative

Risky Business: Health Systems Become Insurers

Dubai and Pete Seeger

My Journey through Obamacare


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The Future of Academic Medical Centers

Why Some ACO Pioneers Turned Back

Eyes on California

The Bending of the Health Care Cost Curve

The Worst Case Scenario and Best Case Scenario for Implementing Obamacare

The Impact of Private and Public Health Insurance Exchanges


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Magical Thinking in Healthcare

The Bridge from Volume- to Value-Based Payment

Massively Coordinated Care

The Half Life of Healthcare: Understanding the Velocity of Change

Reinventing Rural Health

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Consumer Engagement


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The Spot Market

The Primary Care Problem

Medicare Disadvantage

The Four Americas

Common Ground

Chasing Unicorns: The Future of ACOs

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The Incredible and Wasteful Complexity of the US Healthcare System


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In Search of the Next Economy

The New Math

Flip the Switch

Government Run Health Care

Dr. T and the Canadian Medicine Show

French Lessons

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American Healthcare: Caught in a Bad Romance


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Disinformation, Division, and Delaying the Inevitable

If Bernie Madoff Ran Health Care


Obama’s Re-Election


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Silly Season: Monty Python Policy Making


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25 Percent

Explanation of Benefits

Mandated Competition

Clinical Reengineering

The New American Compromise

The Fallacy of Excellence


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The Doctor Conundrum


Aussie, Aussie, Aussie

Time Out

Care, Not Coverage

With Mayo

Managed Care Outlook

Conversations on The Changing Face Of Managed Care: Insights From the 2006-2007 Podcast Series


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The Atomization of Healthcare

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First Class

Choice, Security and Stuff

Five Books

Simple Care

Bricks and Clicks

Pearl Harbor, The Tipping Point, and Glacial Erosion

Patient Zero


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The Old Course and the MRI

The End of the Community Hospital

Wary of Choices

The Twenty Percent Solution

The Median and the Edge

Chief Example Officer

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Tax Policy as Health Policy

The Myth of the Electronic Medical Record

The 2008 Election

Dogs and Doctors

Medicare Reform As Three Movies

Of Chicken and Lobster Soup: Price Transparency and the American Hospital

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There's No Screen


Aetna's Annual Report 2000: What Leaders Must Do

Looking Ahead: A Futurist's View of Healthcare

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The Future of Physicians' Time

British Medical Journal

Hamster Health Care

Looking Ahead Columns from the Health Forum Journal

The Reluctant Donkey

Compassion, Connection, and Concern

Evidence-Based Consumerism

The Business Case for Universality

The Five Pillars of Leadership

The Rise and Fall and Rise of E-Health


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The Future of Medicine

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It Ain’t Necessarily So: The Cost Implications Of Health Care Reform

Health Reform Lessons Learned From Physicians In Three Nations

Satisfaction With Health Systems In Ten Nations