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Future Tense: The Business Realities of the Next Ten Years

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Future Tense is nothing short of a blueprint of the epochal forces that every businessperson must contend with-and vanquish-before this decade ends. In twelve chapters illustrated with informative, easy-to-read graphs and charts, IFTF principals Ian Morrison and Greg Schmid investigate the following fundamental issues that are transforming the climate of almost all businesses:

  • The older and more educated American consumer
  • The insecure and less loyal worker
  • The globalization of almost every local market
  • The decline of consumer brand loyalty
  • Failing institutions, such as unions and political parties
  • The public’s quest for accountability in businesses
  • Enabling technologies

Examining these seven major changes in store for American business, Morrison and Schmid take the abundant, concrete data available to IFTF and turn it into solid advice that can take any business into the next millennium.

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The Second Curve

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Ian Morrison creates a revolutionary new business model that can be used no matter what the market upheaval. His theory is deceptively simple: you must ride the first curve-a company’s traditional business carried out in a familiar corporate climate-to the all-important second curve. The second curve is the future-the new technologies, new consumers, and new markets that companies must command to survive and thrive.

In the many companies Morrison profiles, leaders have learned to master both the first and second curves, to anticipate the rate and pace of change, to know when and how to jump from the first curve to the second, and whether and when to play both. This books sets forth all the crucial strategies and explains how businesses can apply them to rapidly changing situations.

“In a highly readable manner, Ian Morrison has pinpointed the key strategic problems facing our company and many others. His broad-ranging examples and insightful analyses are relevant throughout our organization.”
-Peter Bury, President and CEO Cable and Wireless Innovations, Inc.

“This is a book for anyone trying to figure out how to make money on the Internet, what country to invest in, or how to earn profits beyond the next fiscal year.”
-World Business

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Health Care in the New Millennium: Vision, Values, and Leadership

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Morrison gives health care executives, doctors, and nurses a guided tour of what’s in store for health care in the coming years and explains…

  • Why our one-trillion-dollar health care industry has so many unhappy stakeholders
  • Why investor-owned health systems are failing
  • Why so few market-based reforms work
  • Why health care leaders need new visions of what is possible for the future

“I recommend this book to anyone searching for answers in the confusion of today’s health care world.”
-David M. Lawrence, chairman and CEO, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.

“In this extremely useful book Ian Morrison challenges health care leaders to revisit health care values and build a better health system.”
-Gail L. Warden, president and CEO, Henry Ford Health System

“Everyone who wants to understand the American health care system, or wants to improve it, should read this book. It is packed with original insights, provocative analysis, and a wealth of new ideas.”
-Humphrey Taylor, chairman, Louis Harris and Associates, Inc.

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